My Favourite Toner Cleansing Blends Using Original Treasure, The Purest Organic Moroccan Argan Oil You Can Get !!!

Why love it?

Create the perfect hydrating toner combining your favourite facial toner with our Original Treasure.


Add a few drops of Original Treasure to your favourite facial toner. Shake well.

How to Apply:

Wash your face with your regular facial cleanser and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Apply a small amount of your new super hydrating facial toner to a cotton ball or pad and move it gently in small circles across your face, paying special attention to your chin, nose, cheeks and hairline. Repeat as many time as needed.


There is no other organic product that could keep up with all the benefits pure Argan Oil has to offer in one single drop of oil. Often referred to as “the liquid gold” this exceptionally dry oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan Tree that is native to the dry regions of sub-sahara Morocco.
Original Treasure is made with 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil and it is the perfect guardian for your skin & hair, Rich in Vitamin E as well as Omega 6, Omega 9 fatty acids and anti-oxidants, even under harsh & severe weather conditions.


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