Get The 007 Look With Our Newly Designed Formula for Men


Our highly-concentrated skin care formula contains a minimum of 90% of Pure Argan Oil. It leaves your face looking youthful, radiant and revitalized, 24 hours a day. The skin looks noticeably firmer and more toned. Advanced Defender is made with pure Organic Argan Oil blended with key POTENT ingredients, Black Seed also known as the blessed seed, Ginger knows as the root of life, an earthy woody MANLY fragrance from natural Patchouli Oils.
Exclusively  made for male skin, it is the perfect skincare and beard oil for him, especially for irritation prone skin. Try Now


Why love it?

Create the perfect  shave care product by adding to your store-bought aftershave or shave gel few drops of your Advanced Defender oil or use by its own as a skin fuel booster.


Add few drops of Advanced Defender to your aftershave or shave gel product. Mix Gently.

How to Apply:

Lightly massage into your face with particular attention to front and chin using circular motion and rinse off.



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